Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thoughts On Inspiration

Radda in Chianti 

Inspiration can strike anywhere: on a walk the other day a line of cypress trees cast a striking pattern of shadows on the road. Long, dark, linear shapes crossed my path and as I passed over each one I started making mental notes about the contrasting colors, number of shadows, and angle of lines. A vision came to mind; this could easily work itself into my next project. On this particular morning my inspiration began on a walk up a quiet, country, road surrounded by nature.

When I was an architecture student at USC and was given an assignment, I recall having only a few hours to develop a concept, in other words…inspiration HAD to strike. I would exhaustively research the topic and location assigned (i.e. history, community, environment, geology) and then I would start sketching. My project’s story would begin to unfold and over a short period of time a building and its details would take shape.

I rely on my architectural training now and then with my jewelry design but it can become static. For this reason it is absolutely necessary to shake things up. And sometimes for me, shaking it up means doing nothing at all! Like my morning walk where I decided to put everything on hold and escape, freeing my mind from life's chaos. If you are ever in need of inspiration I suggest taking a break to let your mind wander. Maybe, just maybe, it will lead you somewhere you could never imagine.