Monday, January 30, 2012


Wood and Sterling Silver Earrings,  2004

When I started making jewelry I did so out of necessity. Our home had been burglarized and the thieves made off with just about everything.  The hardest part was losing the jewelry and trinkets I had inherited. The monetary value was insignificant but I would have labeled these items priceless. I was most sad over losing a trinket box from the “Mohawk Trail” that my great-grandmother had given me as a young girl. Broken-hearted, I mourned my losses for months.

With very little to adorn myself with, and no money to buy new things (sadly I wasn’t insured), I decided to make myself a pair of earrings. I have always considered myself a creative person and having recently graduated from USC’s architecture program I convinced myself that I could make whatever I needed to get by.

And so, a very rudimentary process began. I bought a pamphlet. Just one. I first taught myself how to wire wrap. I bought one pair of ear wires and a few feet of wire. I picked up beads here and there. I eventually took a two hour class, which lead to a semester long class and before I knew it, I was completely hooked. The burglars may have taken my jewelry, but they couldn’t have my spirit!

Making jewelry has become such an important part of my life. I enjoy the process as much as the product and I feel empowered each day I sit down at my bench. I truly believe all things happen for a reason and I am very thankful that this sad experience has had such a wonderful “silver” lining.