Saturday, July 23, 2011

Playing with...Poppies

...dainty 1/2" sterling silver circles, punched, formed, drilled and finished with silk cord. Voila.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Found Objects

I am inspired by found objects. Rauschenberg's early three-dimensional combines make me feel alive and Joseph Cornell’s boxes have the same effect on me as three macchiatos before noon. When I see a Cornell box at an art show or museum, I can barely contain myself. When I spot them from across the room, Olympic sprinter I am not but slap some spots on me and call me a cheetah because it takes mere seconds for me to be standing in front of his treasures…motionless, awestruck, and filled with gratitude.

This little necklace is a mix of found objects. Scraps from my daughter’s paper mache project, a brass concave disc, a soldered and flattened sterling silver ring intended for a different project, and last but not least, a tiny orange stone. One of a kind, this assemblage rests on an 18” sterling silver chain.