Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This holiday my big focus has been getting the studio back in a crash diet, I had the studio looking good for a few months but I let things slip ("I'll put that away later", "I can finish this tomorrow", "I just need to buy a new bin and THEN I can organize") and then I fell off the proverbial wagon and my studio exploded. It has been a colossal mess of this and that, and, those and these, for over a year.

I share this space with my husband, so I am not entirely to blame for the massive amounts of clutter, or hoarding, but I like piles...and "piles beget piles". I am s l o w l y beginning to understand this concept.

For me, piles have always meant organization, a way to temporarily feel better about my mess. I now believe there is an end game; reaching this point only after narrowly escaping physical harm from the endless jockeying around, over, and in between...piles. I am making progress by taking it one step at a time. I think this is akin to anything in life I am struggling with, if I try to tackle everything all at once I won't get very far, if I am strategic, I usually come out of top.

Happy organizing!